Build Responsive Websites with HTML and CSS

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About Course

Learn modern HTML and CSS including web design by building a stunning website for your portfolio! Includes flexbox and CSS Grid

What Will You Learn?

  • Become a modern and confident HTML and CSS developer, no prior knowledge needed!
  • Design and build a stunning real-world project for your portfolio from scratch
  • Modern, semantic and accessible HTML5
  • Modern CSS (previous CSS3), including flexbox and CSS Grid for layout
  • Important CSS concepts such as the box model, positioning schemes, inheritance, solving selector conflicts, etc.
  • A web design framework with easy-to-use rules and guidelines to design eye-catching websites
  • How to plan, sketch, design, build, test, and optimize a professional website
  • How to make websites work on every possible mobile device (responsive design)
  • How to use common components and layout patterns for professional website design and development
  • Developer skills such as reading documentation, debugging, and using professional tools
  • How to find and use free design assets such as images, fonts, and icons
  • Practice your skills with 10+ challenges (solutions included)

Course Content

Module 0: Welcome to the Course

Module 1: How to get ready for this course (Orientation)

Module 2: Learn & Explore HTML as a Beginner

Module 3: Learn & Explore CSS as a Beginner

Module 4: Build a beautiful and professional portfolio website

Module 5: Personal website, build a brand new website

Module 5.5: [Bonus] Box model, pseudo class, position

Module 6: HTML 5 Semantic tags, audio, video, table, form

Module 7: More CSS, Icon, CSS3 animation

Module 8: Responsive CSS Layout

Module 9: HTML CSS only Landing Page

Module 10: Ul/UX, CSS Debugging, Future Strategy

Module 11: Responsive Website Assignment

Module 12: Magic of Bootstrap (Getting started)

Module 13: Responsive Layout using Bootstrap

Module 13.5: Bootstrap Review and Practice

Module 14: Simple E-commerce landing page using Bootstrap

Module 15: A simple Introduction to Tailwind

Module 16: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Bonus

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